Streaming movies on your PS4

For some reason, the PS4 does not support DLNA. So to stream video to your PS4 use the following:

  1.  download and install PLEX media server There is a version available for almost every OS. so choose the one you need and run the setup.
  2. Once installed add the media folders to the PLEX library.
  3. Once done, the PLEX server should now be ready to stream movies to your PS4. To stream over the local network use the PS4 web browser to go to the local PLEX server’s web interface, for this you will have to browse to the PC’s local IP address. to find the PC’s local IP address use the command line by running CMD from the start menu and use the ipconfig command:21
  4. If you are connected using a cable the IP address should be in a section called something like “Local area connection” or “Wireless lan adapter” if you use a wireless connection.
  5. Write down the IP address and then use the PS4 browser to go to the web interface. If the default PLEX settings are used, it will besomething like:
  6. Do this step on the PS4! You should now be in the web interface and only need to change one more thing before starting streaming! In the player settings tab settings click on the show advanced. And in the advanced settings enable the “Prefer AAC Audio” option.34
  7. Save your settings and you should be ready to go!