Fixing the Google nexus 7 touchscreen issue

So i have recently received my nexus 7 tablet and right from the start i notice the touchscreen was having problems registering input and sometimes giving “ghost” input making the tablet do random things.

Here is a video showing the so called “ghost” input:

And the not registering of input:

As you can see, these issues make the nexus 7 quite unusable. Since i dont like sending my unit back to Asus and wait 3-4 weeks for RMA i decided to open up the device and see what the problem was.

Opening the nexus is quite easy, just use your finger nail or something else to pry open te back. Once open you should see something like this on the right side:

There is a black piece of foam tape on the cable attached to the touchscreen. when touching this tape or slightly pusshing down on this part of the device touch input starts to go crazy. I have noticed this also happens when the cover is closed and you push down on the spot where the tape is.
So this probably means the ribbon cable gets flexed too much or maybe shorts when pressure is put on the back of the tablet.

Put a little piece of platstic right under where ribbon cable comes up from the screen:



Close the cover and done!


This fix may not help for you! It seems there are multiple problems regarding the nexus 7 touch input. This fix worked for me and i have never had a problem since i’ve dont this little fix. If this did not work for youdont forget to take out the little piece of plactic before you send your nexus for RMA!
If this ruins your nexus 7 i am not responsible. It’s your hardware and you screwed up.

EDIT 20-07-2013:

A few extra photo’s since i’m and do not actually show where the plastic part goes.

10 thoughts on “Fixing the Google nexus 7 touchscreen issue

  1. I’m having similar problems which are making my nexus 7 totally unusable, however this workaround seems like it might provide some hope. Could you post a few more pictures clearly showing exactly where the piece of plastic goes?

    • I have added a few more pictures to the post, make sure you carefully place the piece of plastic and use some glue to fix it in place. I just used some superglue.

      also don’ t forget to remove the small piece of foam tape.


  2. the screen on my nexus was going insane, to the point that it had become virtually unusable. I noticed that it appeared to be caused by the device being moved, particularly if I touched particular parts on the casing. I placed small pieces of folded card inside the device, causing the back cover to clip on more tightly and hold things in place. the problem is now completely gone and the touch screen is more responsive than ever. Huge relief, as I was ready to smash the thing to pieces a few days ago.

  3. This approach solved the ghost touches in my Nexus 7 too. I found a sticker inside the rear cover that was interfering with proper seating of the cover. Moved the sticker and the ghost touches stopped. This design is much too fussy!

  4. In my case, the problem was actually the other way round; the ribbon cable wasn’t pressed onto the main board tightly enough. Placing a piece of plastic underneath the cable disabled the touchscreen entirely for me. Instead I added an extra layer of foam on top of the ribbon cable and now my screen is working perfectly again.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  5. It worked for me. Thanks very much!!
    For all those people asking where the piece of plastic goes, it goes under that sticker that has a QR-code or something like that. You can see in the pictures that the piece of plastic covers half head of a screw and goes under something curved. I hope it helps, and sorry for my bad english (no native english speaker)

    I’ve had the ghost touches on my nexus for the past week and it’s been driving me absolutely insane but this fixed it thank you very much. Saved me lots of time and sanity.

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